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Cuba Travel Destinations

Cuba, the largest island of the Antilles welcomes you to discover its long-standing traditions, history and culture. This proud and festive island of sugar, rum, tobacco and music invites you to meet its warm and hospitable people and to visit its beautiful cities, some of which have been the venue of many fairs and international events and the birthplace of famous painters, writers and musicians, for the glory of our Cuban culture. Here you will find a boundless number of stunning fine white beaches, thrill at the spectacular ocean beds or go on excursions through the many ecological areas, keys and islets and other sites of interest.

Your visit will be a festival of the senses, a journey through a world of color, sound and light. A marvelous occasion for discovering the charm and magic of the leading tourist resorts of this enchanting island.


Cuba Travel Destinations Havana The capital of Cuba opens its doors to visitors from all parts of the world and invites you to tour its streets and old part of the city, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its two hundred year old university, the mythical Malecon seafront drive and many more sites of interests.
Havana invites you to become immersed in its fabulous culture and in the vitality of its warm and hospitable people. Your visit will be a journey through a wonderful world of multiple colors, sounds, beauty and life.


Cuba Travel Destinations Varadero Varadero, the Cuban tourist resort par excellence is located in Matanzas province. It is internationally renowned for its matchless beauty and quality of its beach. The resort is also considered nature’s work of art, a marvelous refuge for lovers and a world of fantasy for the whole family.
Let your imagination soar. Enjoy memorable days of sun, sand and Caribbean rhythms in one of the finest beaches in the world.

Cayo Coco

Cuba Travel Destinations Cayo Coco Cayo Coco is one of the paradisiacal keys off the northern coast of Cuba (known as the Jardines del Rey archipelago) with pristine beaches kissed by clear blue waters and bordered by a lush tropical landscape. Tourists can go trekking in an area of ecological importance, observe flocks of pink flamingos, cut the waves on a catamaran and practice all types of sports, especially nautical.
A virtual paradise in the Caribbean, ideal for holidays in the company of family, friends or loved one.

Cayo Santa María

Cuba Travel Destinations Cayo Santa María Cayo Santa María is a paradisiacal key off the northern coast of Cuba covered by lush tropical vegetation, with fine white sand beaches kissed by clear turquoise blue waters. Sun, beach and nature combined! You can ride the waves on a catamaran, go snorkeling along the coral reef barrier, trek though the area, go cycling or horseback riding.
Explore the secrets of the key and thrill at one of the most marvelous scenic views in the country.
This tourist destination has been truly privileged by nature, ideal for a memorable stay in the largest island of the Antilles.

Cayo Largo

Cuba Travel Destinations Cayo Largo Cayo Largo del Sur is famous for the extraordinary beauty of its white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and fabulous ocean bed. Tourists can go on excursions throughout the 27 km of a natural reserve of incalculable importance, practice underwater and nautical sports or simply watch the birds and iguanas endemic to the area.
Nature and sea lovers from all over the world prefer this ecological paradise.

Cayo Guillermo

Cuba Travel Destinations Cayo Guillermo In Jardines del Rey, the keys located off the northern cost of Cuba, there is a place where beach, sun, and nature combine for the most spectacular holidays ever. At Cayo Guillermo, you can enjoy a wide range of activities like walking through the beautiful natural surroundings or horseback riding, cycling, water sports and scuba diving.
A natural paradise formed by beautiful palm-fringed white sand beaches in a pristine surrounding, the ideal setting for a wonderful holiday with your family, friends or loved one.


Cuba Travel Destinations Holguín Holguín, one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, is located in the eastern region of Cuba and has been blessed with extraordinary natural attractions and countless sites of interests ranging from beautiful white sand beaches kissed by transparent blue waters, magnificent natural parks and trekking areas, mastic trees, costal wetlands and primordial forests home to the almiquí (almique), an insectivorous mammal endemic to the area and considered a living fossil.
These are only a few of the many attractions that await you in this paradisiacal tourist resort.

Santiago de Cuba

Cuba Travel Destinations Santiago de Cuba Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city and also the most Caribbean, has its own musical rhythm and pace. Located in the eastern region, in a valley alongside a sweeping bay at the foothills of the legendary Sierra Maestra. This hilly city has many sites of tourist and historic interests, some of which are closely related to our struggles for independence. It is also home to a famous brand of rum, the most unique carnival in the island and also of many musical genres.
Discover the proverbial hospitality of the people of Santiago and of Sol Meliá, where hospitality is our raison d’ être.


Cuba Travel Destinations Cienfuegos The city of Cienfuegos was established by a Frenchman in the early 19th Century. It was built facing the beautiful Caribbean Sea and is noted for its historical and cultural sites of interest. Especially recommended for diving and nautical enthusiasts, ecological tourism and thermal spas that visitors can enjoy an ambience of both security and repose.


Cuba Travel Destinations Trinidad Located in the central province of Sancti Espiritus, also known as the City Museum of Cuba, Trinidad offers travelers one of the most complete and well preserved architectural structures in the country. The city treasures numerous colonial jewels of yesterday.
Very close by is Playa Ancon beach, whose warm waters are a standing invitation for visitors to engage in nautical sports, with more than 30 diving stations and modern hotels with excellent service.

Santa Clara

Cuba Travel Destinations Santa Clara Santa Clara, located in the center of the island, is a city rich in history, culture and hospitality. Its proximity to the Escambray Mountains has made Santa Clara on of the leading ecological tourism destinations in the country. Elguea, famous for its medicinal thermal waters opens its doors to those who want to improve the quality of their life.


Cuba Travel Destinations Camagüey The largest number of the keys and islands that comprise the Cuban archipelago are found precisely off the coast of Camaguey, offering visitors more than 120 km of beautiful white sand beaches and site of the Santa Lucia tourist resort.
The historical center of the capital city is one of the largest and best preserved in the country and highly recommended for travelers who chose Santa Lucia as their tourist destination.

Pinar del Rio

Cuba Travel Destinations Pinar del Rio Due to the abundance, variety and excellent conservation of its flora and wildlife, Pinar del Rio province truly deserves the name of Garden of Cuba, especially since two natural biosphere reserves (Guanahacabibes peninsula and Rosario mountain range) and the majestic Viñales Valley, considered a world cultural heritage, are in its territory.
Pinar del Rio, land of the best tobacco in the world, is also a unique opportunity for nature lovers, diving enthusiasts and for those who simply prefer to relax in the beach or bath in the mineral-thermal waters so abundant in the region. The province also offers excellent hotels surrounded by the surrounding pristine beauty and endowed with all the modern facilities.

Isla de la Juventud

Cuba Travel Destinations Isla de la Juventud Site of numerous tourist attractions. Located on the southern coast of the isle is the famous Colony hotel, site of the international diving and Cayo Largo del Sur, a beautiful tropical key, ideal for underwater photography, diving and fishing.
Tourists can visit neighboring Cayo Iguana, Cayo Rico and Cayo Rosario, famous for their pristine beauty and unparallel privacy.


Cuba Travel Destinations Baracoa Baracoa offers visitors the possibility to admire one of the most attractive and best preserved scenic views in the Antilles, as they learn about the customs and traditions of its hospital people.
The proximity of mountains covered with lush tropical vegetation, winded by several rivers, and the ocean provide an excellent natural backdrop for discovering the many historical and cultural attractions of Baracoa, the first village built by the Spaniards in the country.

Ciego de Avila

Cuba Travel Destinations Ciego de Avila Kilometers of pristine beaches and spectacular seabed, protected by the second largest coral barrier in the world, have made Ciego de Avila famous for its scenic beauty and well preserved tropical ecosystems, which will surely seduce even the most discerning traveler.
Porticos, columns and red tile roofs are common elements in the capital city of the province which also offers visitors numerous art galleries, parks, a solid hotel infrastructure and an extensive gastronomic and commercial network.

Sancti Spiritus

Cuba Travel Destinations Sancti Spiritus Sancti Spiritus, a national monument, is renowned for its narrow winding streets and colonial architecture, with numerous colonial houses and mansions. It is also the birthplace of many traditional Cuban troubadours or singers. Visitors will be sure to enjoy the surrounding natural landscape, especially the Zaza lake and the many tobacco plantations. The symbol of the city is the bridge over the Yayabo River, located in the heart of the old part of the city, where travelers can placidly admire the interesting museum collections or rest in one of the many squares.


Cuba Travel Destinations Granma Visitors will surely be attracted by the majestic mountains and fertile valleys of Granma, a province blessed with beautiful landscapes natural parks and rich in historical events.
Especially recommended for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.
Its exceptionally beautiful seabed is ideal for scuba diving.


Cuba Travel Destinations Guantánamo Located at the eastern end of the country, Guantánamo stands out for its mountainous landscape and for the strong Haitian-French influence resulting from the waves of immigrants who fled to this area during the Haitian Revolution.

Maisi, which marks the easternmost point on the island, is also located in this province and also opened its doors to international tourism.

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