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1st International Workshop of Secondary Education

Name: 1st International Workshop of Secondary Education
Description: 1st International Workshop of Secondary Education
From Jun 19, 2017 To Jun 23, 2017
Theme: Education
Official Web Site: http://www.secundariabasicacuba.com



View of  Convention Center
View of Convention Center


Inaugurated in 1979, the Havana International Convention Center is the foremost institution specializing in events and congresses in Cuba. The facility is located only 20 minutes from downtown Havana, in a residential area in the western part of the city and extends over an area of 60 000 square meters. The center is surrounded by exuberant vegetation which harmonizes with the tropical greenery of its interior gardens.

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The professionalism and dedication of its workers have made it a leader in the Cuban congress and exhibition industry.

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Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
Address: Calle 146, e/ 11 y 13, Reparto Cubanacan, Ciudad de la Habana Cuba
Telephones: (537)202--60-11/15-08
Fax: (537)202-83-82
E-Mail: palco@palco.cu
Http: http://www.cpalco.com


This Workshop will be a special place for researcher,specialists ,teachers,and members of different international organization to show their personal experiences about the principal topics of the event.

It will be a very useful opportunity to debate about the new tendencies of inclusive practice in every context and specially in the teaching-learning process.

The objective of this event is to consolidate a high standard of education for all life based on cooperation,collaboration and solidarity focused on citizen responsabilities,cultural diversity, national identity and universal human values.

We are hoping to count on you......



Organizer Committee

The Organizing Committee

Presidents of Honour

Dr. C. Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella

Ministra de Educación de la República  de Cuba.

Dr. C. Margarita McPherson Sayú Viceministra de Educación


Dr. C. Zoe Lucía La Red Iturria

Directora Nacional de Secundaria Básica   


M. Sc. Ricardo Rodríguez Gómez

Metodólogo Nacional de Secundaria Básica

Professional Conference Organizer

Lic. Katia Medina Reyes

International Affairs specialist

Lic. Lissette Sánchez Almeida

Scientific Committee

Dr. C. Eva Escalona Serrano

Directora Nacional de Ciencia y Técnica

E-mail: eva@dct.rimed.cu

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