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Conventions, Events and Congresses in Cuba

Cuba has been recognized as one of the most important countries celebrating events and congresses in America.

Convention Centers with wide facilities in telecomunications, informatic, fair halls and a very highly prepaired staff help to celebrate sucessful events and congresses in Cuba.

Cuban development on social sciencies, healthcare, culture, environment and sport, converts the country in a beautiful location to organize congresses, events and meetings in Cuba.
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Name: 2nd International Congress on Research, Development and Technological Innovation
Description: 2nd International Congress on Research, Development and Technological Innovation
From Dec 6, 2015 To Dec 10, 2015
Theme: Food and Pharmaceutical Science
Official Web Site: http://www.idifarmacuba.com

Name: VII International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness
Description: Conceptual approach to human death,BD criteria in different countries,Ancillary tests in BD,Autonomic nervous system assessment in BD,BD in childhood,Anencephalic infants,End-of-life dilemmas: terminal patient, euthanasia, assisted suicide, etc, Legal considerations surrounding BD and related states,Philosophical, theological, sociological, historical and cultural considerations of human death,Organ transplantation,Pathophysiological mechanisms of consciousness generation,Coma, persistent vegetative state (
From Dec 8, 2015 To Dec 11, 2015
Theme: Healthcare
Official Web Site: http://www.komabraindeathcuba.com/

Name: II International Conference With All and for the Good of All
Description: II International Conference With All and for the Good of All
From Jan 25, 2016 To Jan 28, 2016
Theme: Social Sciences
Official Web Site: http://www.porelbiendetodos.com

Name: 10th International Congress of Higher Education
Description: Higher Education and its Prospects,Consultative Meeting on Graduate Studies in Iberoamérica,University Extension, Pedagogy in Higher Education,International Workshop on “University, Science and Technology,The University, the Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development,Internationalization of Higher Education,Quality Assessment and Acreditation in Higher Education,Virtualization in Higher Education,University Training of the Teaching Staff and Quality Improvement in Education.,Student Scientific Research
From Feb 15, 2016 To Feb 19, 2016
Theme: Education
Official Web Site: http://congresouniversidad.solwayscuba.com/

Name: 16th International Convention and Fair
Description: Regulation in the Telecommunications and Information Technologies sector,Security of the ICTs,Open source platforms and applications,Energy and environment in ICTs.
From Mar 14, 2016 To Mar 18, 2016
Theme: Science and Technology
Official Web Site: http://informaticahabana.solwayscuba.com

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